We Are Canadian! What Does it Mean for our Customers, Price-wise?

We Are Canadian! What Does it Mean for our Customers, Price-wise?

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If you already are a customer, you probably know this fact, but let’s dive in a little deeper in what it means for Canadian and non-Canadian customers. This will not be the fun and light posts we like to make but it seems to be needed.


The Canadian currency is the Canadian dollar or CAD. The Canadian dollar does not have the same value as any other currency on the planet. It sounds obvious, right? Yes, it is. However, for non-Canadian, it can become confusing. When you shop on our website, product prices are displayed in the currency of your choice, so you don’t have to convert anything to have the correct picture. When we post on social media, on our blog, in our newsletter, it can get tricky. For example, if you want to use the discount code GUP202225 (still active until January 31) to get your $25 off, you have to remember that this is CAD 25. Today, it’s worth EUR 17.18, USD 18.68, AUD 26.87, GPB 15.07. The discount may look less attractive for some countries.


Shipping-wise, there is also an impact depending on the country you are shopping from. The heavy internet shopping has taught us that shipping is a cheap thing but it’s not. Shipping one pedal from Quebec to Canadian provinces ranges from 13 to CAD 20, and it always costs USD 18 to ship to the USA. We offer free shipping for orders over CAD 250 for Canadian and USA addresses. Because of conversion, USA shoppers can benefit free shipping  over USD 186.77. Our shipping fees to Europe are around CAD 50, so we cannot offer it for free, and the same apply to every other destination outside of North-America where the shipping fees can skyrocket pretty quickly.  


Finally, shipping internationally means that some countries may charge duties and taxes. Some USA customers do have some, sometimes, and we cannot predict them, and every item shipped to Europe has some duties charged. Inside Canada (and everywhere), taxes are calculated depending on the province or country you are ordering from, and we have no control over it, and we cannot write “Gift” on the package, because we are a legitimate business paying taxes.


In conclusion, if you feel that the amount you see in your final invoice is not what you were expecting while checking out, make sure you remembered to check the currency conversion, and remember that we are 100% in Canadian currency, the conversions you see happen through the Shopify platform. If you have any question during the buying process, contact us. When we don’t sleep, we are very accessible.

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