GUP Tech on TV

GUP Tech on TV

February has started and without knowing it, it’s almost halfway done. So many things have happened already, and strangely, it seems for us that time has sped up and stopped all at the same time.

First things first, we went on national television. Yeah, for people in Québec (I think it doesn’t work outside of the province and anyway, it’s in French), there was a five-minute reporting segment in a business program called “À vos affaires”, on TVA-LCN network. In it, we can see us working in our real environment, meaning our semi-detached basement. For those in Québec understanding French, I invite you to follow the link here. Everyone else can try as well, but I would not guarantee that it’ll work.

People have been congratulating us from all directions, and some have also been congratulating Guillaume only, as if it was a solo project. Know that it isn’t, and it’s been hurting him a lot more than myself. As a very realistic woman, I have been drilled to be either ignored or discarded as soon as I entered my engineering studies 20 years ago. Someone during the Knob-Session last summer even asked me, after I couldn’t answer a technical question regarding a pedal, “What are you doing here then?”. As if the pedal business was solely about knowing everything, and that my social and marketing skills didn’t have any value because I couldn’t tell which fuzz to choose between a Clippy and a FOAZZ. 

Now for the stressful part, we’ve been trying to buy a house. We had been visiting for a couple of weeks and suddenly, we visited one that we could see ourselves living in. Even if I don’t own the house we currently live in, I have owned three in the past, but I never encounter such a complicated buying and selling journey.

We have been alternating happiness and confidence with disappointment and sadness for over a week now. It seems that steps keep adding in this journey, with delays and complexities. Every time we have a win, there is a rock in the way following closely. By the end of next week, we could be announcing a big move, or mourning its loss. I’ll keep the details for an eventual win. You shall be informed at this point that I am not one to think positively. After trying, it’s been decided it wasn’t for me. Disappointment is an emotion I cannot tolerate well, and it’s exacerbated by positive thinking and lack of realism.




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