In this internet shopping era, there are so many things that can go wrong with a purchase, especially for something as precise as a guitar pedal assembled by hand that is built with many “all or nothing” components that we purchase in bulk. Since our product is made to be stomped on with shoes, and even your most badass boots, it must be sturdy enough to not let you down! For that reason, we have a very flexible warranty policy and offer a full year of warranty on all our products from the date of reception (tracking date). 

What is included in the full warranty?

If the pedal is not working as it should, due to defective parts or assembly issues on our side, let us know and we will make sure to make it work because as a valued customer, we want you to have the best buying experience, even if you end up returning it. Customer service is as important as the product itself. We will ask you to send the pedal back in its original packaging and once the repair is done, your shipping fees will be refunded (we will refund the cheapest tracked method and we arrange the shipping ourselves).


What IS NOT included in the warranty?

Easy, all the things that your pedal should not go through such as: being thrown out of a window, taking a shower with you, a dishwasher run, being used as a hockey puck, ran over buy a lawn mower tractor, and all the things that don’t include “playing music with”. Any spill of liquid, organic or not, any heavy drop, hit, and being plugged in the wrong power source. You must be aware of the input current before you use it, and also make sure that your power supply is “safe”. If you need some recommendations, please ask us. It may not be obvious for you but WE KNOW when the wrong voltage is used. There are many spy parts that tell us. We will be happy to help and repair if such an event occurs, but it’s not covered by the warranty and it’s not free shipping.

Returns and exchanges

We do accept returns, on certain conditions. First, it must be approved by GUP Tech. You may come to the conclusion that this is not exactly the product you needed, or you just don’t want it anymore, or you should not have spent this money maybe? Or you thought it would be more… beautiful? We drill them by hand, the vinyls are applied by a human and sometimes, it’s not "perfect" and aligned, and it may disappoint you. We get that. Generally though, those specimens end up in the B-stock section or in the vault and those in the shop are deemed good enough.

The return request must be sent to us within the two weeks (14 days) of reception of the pedal (the tracking number sets the official date, so we are not responsible if it sits in your community mail box for any length of time). Any return MUST be approved by GUP Tech prior to shipment, the shipping fees are on you, and we will keep a 15 % restocking fee, because we can no longer sell this pedal as brand new. 

(2023.11.11 revision) If you just ordered, the pedal has not been shipped yet, and you changed your mind, and want it cancelled, no problem. Just contact us and we will refund you. However, we will keep $10 CAD to cover the administrative fees of such procedure. It's not just a big red "ABORT" button that we push and everything happens magically.