You may have some pedals that you don't really care about. There may be someone elsewhere that would care. But selling them yourself (and dealing with people, really) can challenge someone's patience for real (playing in the after market is not everyone's guilty pleasure and we can do that for you, up to a certain extent). We won't give you money for your pedals, but we can certainly offer you what we do best... pedals! If that idea works for you, well let's do it!

For that reason, and because we already have a platform, we offer you the chance to sell us your still-goods in exchange for PP credit (GUPTech credits at Reverb Street Price). We already know a bunch about pedals so we are pretty good at prescreening them and knowing right away if it's a go or not. 

Here is the form to fill to access to the free estimate of your still-good pedal. Make sure you also send us picture of your items, taken from all angles, and inside if you feel comfortable. 

Pedals that will be sent to us to live their best life, or best afterlife, will be "refurbished" and put back on the market, either in the Vault, or in our Reverb store.

We obviously are qualified to take back our own GUP Tech pedals, but also any used one that has a value. By that, we mean no Amazon or big box stores, with the home brand. Sometimes, we may even take items that don't work or don't work well, but obviously, it does not have the same value.

Finally, shipping is on you, so make sure you budget that. We can help you if you are not comfortable sending it to us. If the price we offer you does not work for you, we'll send them back to you, on you. So make also sure you take that into consideration.

La traduction française est en écriture.