1. I really want to buy your pedal, but I don’t want the design nor the logo. Can you make it without?

    No. Every GUP Tech pedal will be shipped fully branded and decorated. We have worked to develop our brand and we truly believe that our design is a big part of it. We will be happy to refer you to other builders that would happily make it possible.

  2. I would like your pedal but I have a graphic that I would like best on the pedal. Can we make it happen?

    See number 1.

  3. I have a Youtube channel and I would really like to help you by making demos of your gear on my channel. Can you give me one?

    Thank you for your interest. The best way to help us is by purchasing our product.

  4. I play in a band and I would like to have your gear on my pedalboard and show it while performing. Can you give me some? 

    Thank you for your interest. GUP Tech is a very small home based business that is mainly a side job. We work hard to make high quality accessible pedals, and we believe that we ask a fair price for each of them. That being said, “giving” free pedals is not really something that we want to push forward considering that a pedal on a board does not offer a very big visibility, and that we don’t really want such visibility either.

  5. Do you do custom designed pedals ?  

    We do not do custom designed pedals for existing models. We can offer personalization like adding your name or any identification (if technically doable) and we have what we call “Artist Series” (see question 7). If you are the first to ask and buy a pedal that we don’t already have and we happen to do it, we may or may not ask you if you have a specific inspiration that you like. However, the artistic process of creating a design is quite complex and imprevisible, and it is not likely that we want to use someone else’s brain for it. If we happen to take your idea, more as an inspiration, you won’t get rewarded or paid for that.

  6. Can you do “this” model ?

    If you feel that our catalogue is missing an important piece, you are welcomed to ask us and GUP will probably challenge you, check with you if something in the store already works in a similar way, and if not, we may decide to create a new product, starting with a Lab Series and eventually evolving in a fully transformed and complete pedal with design.

  7. What is “Artist Series”?

    Artist Series is what other call “Custom”. It’s an existing pedal with personalization. It’s mostly an existing pedal with a personalized twist for the “artist”. It is not, as many may believe, a form of endorsement or sponsoring since said artist has paid for the pedal and the customization. Also, all Artist Series may end in the store so you can even invite your friends and fellow guitarists to get one, but without any royalties.

  8. Why are most of your posts and videos in English, while you clearly are in French Quebec? 

    More than 75 % of the customers and followers of our brand don’t speak French, and we believe it’s easier for us, in a bilingual country, to understand English than it is for unilingual English or other languages to understand French.

  9. I really think your designs are awful and I cannot keep it for myself, can I comment and tell you on your social media, because you deserve to know that my opinion is very important, is it ok?

    First, make sure you read and understand point 1. Then, we cannot prevent you from thinking that your opinion matters and acting on it. However, we believe in respect and if our products make you sick, we can show you how to unfollow us, on all platforms. We can also redirect you to other pedal manufacturers who aren’t fond of plushies and flashy colors. Any comment that we consider disrespectful and uselessly negative will be deleted without notice.

  10. Your discount code says it's a certain amount but it shows differently in my cart. What is happening? 

    Every coupon or discount we offer is calculated in Canadian dollar (CAD), make sure you do the proper conversion. Check this blog post for more information.