I think the title is pretty clear, isn't it? This feature allows the PPPC members, depending on their plan, to try a certain amount of pedals, without the obligation of actually buying them. 

What's the difference between that and buying and returning? You may ask. That's an excellent question. This option is "Part of the deal". With any level, you buy the pedals (and pay upfront), and return them, hassle-free, if you are now wowed.

For Lels 1 to 3, you don't pay shipping (cost in Canada and USA is between 13-20 $). If you like, I mean YOU LOVE your pedal, well it's already in your hands, it's already paid, and with you plan discount on top. Since you have a given number of HASSLE-FREE returns, when you buy one and keep it, it does not count.

However, when returned, GUP Tech must be contacted in a month or less to initiate the return, otherwise, we may keep a 25%.

If we just check it out again, with an example - Cornichon Fuzz :

Plan Pinotte Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Discount 10% 15%  20% 25%
Shipping 13-20 Free
Pedal price 126$ + tx 119$ +tx 112$ + tx 105$ + tx
Total 139-146$ + tx
119$ +tx
112$ + tx
105$ + tx


Without any plans, the pedals is 153$ to 170 $ (depending on in area)

If you are a heavy buyer, you won't regret it! Afraid of having too many pedals (said no one ever - just kidding, we believe in balance), check the PP Sell-your-Stuff section.