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The amazing world of music gear is so vast! Pedals are like candies, with their colours and many functions, it's easy to want them all, and to end up with a lot (never such thing as too many).

Because these are made to last, we have decided to add a cycle-type option to our pedals. Let's answer those questions!

What is it?

It's a CLUB! Yeah, well, it's more like a membership.

All lever except the Curious one give access to an amount of hassle-free returns, so you can basically try the pedals before you decide to buy them.

Depending on your needs, desire, and budget, you can access some pretty cool options. 

Because the internet has one major flaw, we thought it would be great if we could allow people to try our pedals. This is the reason behind PP Try-a-Pedal. Yeah, depending on the plan chosen, you can try some pedal and benefit from hassle free return if you are not wowed by it. Of course, we have to charge it upfront, but the hardest for you is to print and package it back to send back here. You can check it you in details here.

Different levels have different discount codes, and free shipping on purchases in Canada and USA (not valid for Pinotte Curious). 

Pinotte Curious
Level 1 
Level 2
Level 3
10 %
15 %
20 %
25 %
5 $ per month 15$ /mo 25$ /mo 50$ /mo


As described in the plans themselves, there are different perks for each one.

All levels have access to the PP Sell-your-stuff perk. But why do we call it a perk? And what the heck is that? Great question. Here it is.

Finally, the Vault. Accessible to Levels 1 to 3, this platform will contain exclusive deals, B-stock and used pedals (not GUP Tech sometimes), and has the potentiel to become a magical place with Try-a-pedal and Sell-your-stuff features. So it's up to you to make it better.