GUP Tech is not just another effects pedal store, it's a whole experience. What the heck does that mean? It means that we have values, methods and we believe in our business model, which hasn't been duplicated from something we've seen but comes from our core. 

Here are some points you need to check out as a customer before you actually hit the green button and send your money. Starting with the FAQ might me a good start.

We are an online only shop, so shipping is an important part of our business. Please check the shipping page.

We operate via our basement in our home, and we are a small business. Every pedal is handmade by 3 humans, Guillaume, Emilie and Samuel. This means that looks may vary a bit, and differ from pictures, and even have slight flaws. You might want to read the shop policies before hand. We suggest reading the Refund and Return/Exchange Policy.

We try to reduce our environment charge to the minimum, in an industry where China is the main supplier of parts, and we do so by reusing wrapping from our suppliers and reducing the whole tape and paper wrapping. If you want a mint box, you might want to order the extra packaging.

Finally, as it's been stated many times, we are Canadian, which means that all our discounts that are fixed amounts (not %) are in CAD, so please convert accordingly. Check this blog post for more details.