It's October folks! BOGO50 is back!

It's October folks! BOGO50 is back!

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Happy Fall, yall! 

What a better theme for this month than not going for Halloween? The leaves are slowly (not so slowly) coming off the trees, heat is way gone and it's all wet everywhere, we have tons of fruit flies and there was a bear in the street just this morning. Yep. I like you to know we have a life outside of GUP Tech.

So, like it happened with our WNR last month, we are hitting you with a new discounted pedal for October. This time, buy any pedal and you can get the PHNX for 50 % off. 

The PHNX is an overdrive, which means it lits your pedalboard, to crunch up your amp. Oh yeah, this beautiful and versatile pedal can warm up any style of rock, blues, punk, and so on.

We have a demo here for you, the product page here. If you have any question on how to use it, reach to us, and if not, just add it to your cart with any other pedal and enter the code BOGO50 to see the magic happen.

This will be all for now.

See ya


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