Montréal Knob-Session 2023

Montréal Knob-Session 2023

Coming up at the end of the month, on August 26 and 27, we’ll be attending the Montréal Knob-Session Synth and Pedal Expo for the second time! Last time was amazing, and we got to meet lots of great people.

We will have two boards with us, both plugged into an audio setup with headphones, and we’ll move the boards around to suit your needs! Bring your guitar or bass (we’ll have a guitar but no bass) and come to see us! 

We’ll have a lot of pedals with us, and everything will be 15 % off. This is the best way to try our pedals because we are not distributed anywhere. It’s free for those who RSVP.

Check the official event page here  

and RSVP here 

and Facebook page here

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