PPPedal of the Week - Bloup!

PPPedal of the Week - Bloup!

The PPPedal of the week for this week is the Bloup! Octavia Fuzz tribute. This pedal is one of GUP's favourite design. He has this obsession with the reversible octopus plushies and we have a ton and a half at home, and they all have a name and a personality. To honour that unconditional love, we made this design special, so special in fact that you cannot choose your colour nor the mood of the Bloup! when you purchase it. It comes as it comes, like it or pass.

Regarding the pedal, it's a modern version of a vintage one, and it's not an easy fuzz. You'll have to goof around different pickups, guitars and amps to find the perfect way to use it.

For a limited time, when you order one, you have a nice handmade crochet Bloup! keychain, randomly chosen to match (or not) with your pedal.

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To see the product in the shop : Bloup!

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