PPPedal of the Week : PdeQ

PPPedal of the Week : PdeQ

If you didn't know, here in Québec, we have our national holiday, and it's on June 24. It used to be called Saint-Jean Baptiste, and is now officially known as the "Fête nationale du Québec" (Québec national holiday). We call it "La Saint-Jean". It's blue. Everything is blue.

What do we celebrate on this day? Our rich and very special culture. Why special, you may ask? Because we have French roots while the rest of Canada mostly have English roots. French and (a long time ago) Catholic. Religion have left schools in the 1990s. We have many Québécois songs that are real classics, and we celebrate booze as well, because people who do drink tend to overshoot on this holiday. It's also the deadliest weekend on the roads. Chic. If you're curious about our classics, check here for a few songs. We have some anglophone bands as well but I will keep it French for now.

This week, we offer you the PdeQ family of pedal at a discounted price. The discounts vary depending on the model. We have the regular blue ($20 CAD off), the Gary Holt colours ($30 CAD off), the Gary Holt Stereo ($40 off) and the Glow in the dark edition ($20 off). Note that the Gary Holt inspired line is a tribute to Gary, but we are not affiliated.

What are people saying about the PdeQ? See for yourselves!

To go to the standard blue product page, it's here.

The Single GH, here.

The Stereo GH, here.

The Glow-in-the-Dark, here.


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