This December, it's Advent Calendar!

This December, it's Advent Calendar!

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Hello everyone,

This December, we've decided to try a new concept. New things are scary, especially when combine with technology, because we can never be sure that it will works, but what is life if there isn't a little fear sprinkled here and there?

It all starts December 1, at 9:00 AM Eastern (make sure you convert according to your timezone) and end on December 24, at 11:59 PM. Each day, the daily door will unlock and you will be able to click on it, to discover something. Discounts, deals, gifts with purchase, we have tried to make it dynamic.

The deals expire at midnight, they don't remain active until the end of the calendar. If you don't need anything, just be curious, for fun. If something catches your attention, it's all good. 

We hope you'll like it. Just remember that your tone is our passion. As always, feel free to reach us for any question you might have.

Emilie explaining it in 22 seconds.

Happy December anyone.

Team GUPTech

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