We updated our image!

We updated our image!

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August is a big month for GUP tech! Not only have we modernized our website a little, but the brand is turning 2 and GUP himself is turning 33 and we probably will reach our #2000 single pedal! So much has happened in the last 2 years, it's almost like trying to tell a dream, and getting lost because it barely makes sense... except that it's real!

So, a bit of history :

GUP tech started a fun sideline, where GUP changed strings and fixed some electronics on guitars, amps and pedals for people he knew. At a point, it is hard to remember exactly why or when, he ordered some material to make pedals. Some people around jumped in like "try to do this one, and this one..." and he did. And realizing he did not need them, he sold them, and then people asked for more... and more. Little did he know... 2 years later, it would be "a thing"!

Two years and 1987 pedals later, it is no more exploratory, it has become my full time job (hey, it's Emilie by the way), and we are officially 3 humans involved in this journey, GUP, Sam (GUP's little brother) and me. We have shipped our proudly made pedals in 20 countries and we are now recognized as a brand by many musicians. So cool, right?

Our basement, which used to be a small workshop with a comfort couch, has evolved into a incredibly packed zone with electronic, printers, cutting machine and of course, pedals and amps. Our bedroom is also some kind of guitar and amp storage and you know what? That's all right! 

If you read this, first of all, thank you, and it means that we have launched the new version of our website, and we hope you like it! It is a more refined and it's more... us, really.


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