PdeQ - Presence Depth Quebec EQ
PdeQ - Presence Depth Quebec EQ
PdeQ - Presence Depth Quebec EQ


PdeQ - Presence Depth Quebec EQ

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PdeQ - Presence Depth Quebec EQ

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La "Province DE Québec" est un nouvel EQ de GUP Tech. Mais ce n'est pas juste un autre égaliseur, voici une pédale pour émuler l'effet de la tonalité de présence et de résonance/profondeur sur votre ampli.

Cela change la donne si votre ampli n'est pas équipé de boutons de présence/résonance (profondeur) et que vous jouez des sons métalliques étouffants. Ceci, à la fin de votre boucle, juste avant le retour, donnera le OOOMMMPHHH supplémentaire et poussera pour sortir dans le mix et mieux s'entendre.

Il existe d'autres options, mais l'Amptweaker DepthFinder est assez difficile à trouver (ici au Canada).

Commandes de présence simple (avec bascule marche-arrêt) et de profondeur (avec bascule marche-arrêt). Avec les deux bascules Off, la pédale agira comme un tampon. Cette pédale peut rivaliser dans la gamme Amptweaker Depth Finder.

Si vous souhaitez une enceinte plus étincelante, jetez un coup d'œil à l' édition PdeQ Douche

Consommation électrique : 20mA

Tension : 9Vdc centre négatif

Note de conception : Il faut assurément adresser le fait que cette pédale arbore les couleurs des plaques d'immatriculation du Québec, ainsi que la fleur de lys sur le logo. D'un bleu pétant, en contraste avec le blanc, le rappel au drapeau du Québec est également très remarquable.

Pour nos amis anglais, il faut expliquer que cette pédale est une fière bannière du drapeau et des plaques d'immatriculation du Québec (province du Canada). Le PdeQ est notre hommage à notre province natale, tout comme l' Ottawa-Wah est un hommage à notre pays.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Lee Neigel
Absolute game changer

I've seen a lot of different reviews that claim "ultimate this..." or "gamechanger that", and always took that with a grain of salt, because you know what opinions are like, right? This pedal was no exception. I've read the reviews, watched all the YouTube videos, and they all claimed greatness. Well, I needed something to give my Marshall MG100 a good hard kick in the balls, and all the reviews said this pedal could do it. Within minutes of opening the box, it was plugged into the effects loop, and it only took a few seconds to realize... for once, all the reviews were right! I never really understood the "blanket over the speakers" sound that I had heard so much about. Until now. This is definitely an always on pedal for me. If you have a solid state amp (or any amp for that matter) with limited shaping abilities, do yourself a favor and try this. It costs significantly less than a new amp, and will wake your amp up out of that hangover-like fog and breathe new life into it.

Jason B

Made my high gain and vintage amps feel more tight and responsive without degrading the natural tone, very highly recommended , great company to deal with. Extremely fast delivery to Australia and for a great price!

Brian H
Takes the blanket off

I have a handful of preamp pedals that have always sounded muddy when run into the fx return of my amps that don't have presence or depth knobs in the power amp section. This incredible tool has made these previously unusable pedals sound like the best weapons in my tone arsenal. This will never leave my fx loop. A truly invaluable pedal that I can't thank GUP Tech enough for. Get one immediately.

Tommy Watson

It brought my Mesa Badlander to life. Highly recommended for anyone struggling to get their amp where they want it.

Benny Nunn
Res pres and metal

Couldn't find the Amptweaker res pres pedal until I stumbled apon this gem. Got the pedal for my Joyo Bantamp Zombie, Firebrand and distortion pedals. It does the job, I was a little skeptical but it gives me the extra control for my tone I desperately needed. I don't understand why there isn't more res pres pedals on the market but thankfully there's least one, guptech stepped up to the plate.