GUPTech as it is now is fairly young, it started a little before the pandemic. We have established that August 2019 was the official origin point. Before that, it was mostly Guillaume, fixing amps, changing strings and repairing music gear for the local music scene. At one point, he got overly curious about the depths of effects pedals and one thing leading to another, here we are.

I joined the journey somewhere around the starting point, as the designer of things. I am Emilie, Guillaume’s partner in life and business. Together, we have created something great, so great that we even got Samuel (Guillaume’s younger brother) in it and now, we surf our wave.

Since there is a blog post about this very story, I won’t put too much here. Except that this brand, this image we created, it’s us to our core. Why insist on that? Because if our brand does not appeal to you, if you cannot stand the colors or the designs, well it’s very sad, or is it? I may suggest this page : Understanding GUPtech.

We are funny people, family people, committed, passionate. This adventure is built on our common passions, mine for art, design, drawings, ideas, craziness, and Guillaume’s for guitar gear and for electronics, and funny colorful drawings.