A(((Ole))) - Douche Edition
A(((Ole))) - Douche Edition


A(((Ole))) - Douche Edition

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A(((Ole))) - Douche Edition

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Douche edition of our reedition :D 

Built in an oversize box, this is a Hot Rodded RAT Fuzz-Octa-Boost with 3 clipping modes. It's like having a RAT, a Green Ringer, and a boost in the same enclosure. 

Clipping modes are (Center) "Op Amp", classic Symmetric diodes (Top), Germanium (Bottom).

Right footswitch activate the RAT circuit controlled with the "Clipping/Distortion/Filter/Amp" knobs. The center footswitch activate the Octave (Octave knobs). The left footswitch activate a Clean Boost.

Bass Player : We are now offering a Bass Edition including a Blend knob on the RAT/Octave side. Blending from 0 to 100% of your clean tone to the distorted tone.

Have a look at our Mini version in a standard 125B enclosure : Mini Unicorn or at our death by unicorn Laser Etched edition.

Power consumption : 7mA

Voltage : 9Vdc Center negative