ASTR - Space Delay
ASTR - Space Delay
ASTR - Space Delay
ASTR - Space Delay

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ASTR - Space Delay

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This modulated delay will bring ambiant space tone to your pedalboard. It's our take on the classic modulated delay from the early Ibanez DML20 and EQD Space Spiral.

The core of the pedal is a 600ms dark digital delay with standard controls. Time, Repeat and mix. 

On top of that, you add modulation to the feedback with the Depth (amplitude), Shape (from smooth to square waves) and Rate (modulation speed). 

With Time at zero, you get a nice chorus pedal. 

2021-03-22 Update : The PPRSS (Prof Pinote relay Switching System) is now offered as an option.

PPRSS Manual

Power consumption : 30mA

Voltage : 9VDC Center Negative