Cab Amp Box
Cab Amp Box
Cab Amp Box
Cab Amp Box
Cab Amp Box

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Cab Amp Box

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Cab Amp Box

Preorder (4-5 weeks lead time)

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6182 Boulevard Talbot
Saguenay QC G7N 1W1


This is the ultimate backup or practice rig. This double pedal is a complete analog Cab Sim (Right part), a 2.5W Solid-State Amp and a Balanced DI Out. 

The right section is an Analog Cab with control over Cab Size, Resonance, Gain, Mids, Top (Treble) and Punch. This section is then send to :

- Thru jack on top of pedal (Unbalanced signal)

- Active Direct box (External Phase control, internal Ground Lift, External XLR Balanced Output)

- Left Section (2.5W Solid State Amp)

The left Volume control is for the 2.5W Amp. Output to any 4-16 ohms cab, dedicated power (9-18Vdc), and volume control. 

Link to our Cab Sim only : Here

Link to our Amp Box only : Here