MOKA Percolator Original Tribute
MOKA Percolator Original Tribute
MOKA Percolator Original Tribute
MOKA Percolator Original Tribute


MOKA Percolator Original Tribute

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After hearing about the Harmonic Percolator for such a long time, I guess it was time to try to make a reliable one here at GUP Tech.

The original circuit is a weird fuzzy one, ours is based on the classic schematic, built with modern and available stuff (IE: Cheap and reliable).

If you're here, you probably already know what you'll get, tons of Fuzz, not a lot of controls, only two knobs. We added a clipping bypass, to use it with more volume, and less clipping. It's pretty awesome with single coil pickups. Kick a crunchy amp straight in the face. In upper position, you get the classic Germanium clipping. In center position, you have the bypass/boost mode. In the lower position, it's a classic symmetrical silicon clipping. 

Disclaimer : This pedal is a huge monster of gain, and with so many components, it will easily go into Squealing mode when you max out the knobs if you're using trebly guitars without any buffer. We recommend using a good quality buffered pedal before (or after, you'll need to try) and a clean power supply. 

Power consumption : 2mA

Voltage : 9 Vdc center negative

Design note from Emilie : 

If you were not aware, a percolator is a sort of coffee pot, used on the stovetop and in which the water boils into the coffee grounds. I am personally not a fan. Everyone at GUPTech is a coffee enthusiast, and we have many brewing devices, but no percolator, nor Moka Pot. However, from the second I heard the word percolator, I wanted to make a Moka pot. Regarding the name: easy as can be. Moka P.O.T. (Percolator Original Tribute).

Demo of the prototype :