Cornichon - Douche Edition
Cornichon - Douche Edition
Cornichon - Douche Edition


Cornichon - Douche Edition

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Douche edition specifications :

- Gorva Design sparkle enclosures

- Gorva Design soft clicking footswitch

- Limited overpriced edition

Cornichon Fuzz specs :

Our Cornichon is based on one of John Mayer favorite fuzz, the Cornish NG-2.

This fuzz got a lot of volume, and also a lot of gain. Described as "imminent tube amp death", the tone out of the pedal is completely crazy. Base control include Volume and Tone, the Sustain push the distorted signal into a weird Sub/Up octave tone.

In French, a Pickle is called a "Cornichon", that's where the name came from. The near death tone of the Cornish is painted in this dying pickle fuzz. Enjoy !

Power consumption : 3mA

Voltage : 9Vdc negative center