DCD - Laser Etched Edition
DCD - Laser Etched Edition

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DCD - Laser Etched Edition

Sale price$180.00 CAD

Based on the now famous "Friedman" sound, this dual channel distortion will bring any clean amp to a Rock monster. 

Channel 1 is little more on the Low gain side while Channel 2 is on the High gain side.

So many knobs to tweak to get the perfect sound. Internal transistor gain level potentiometer to adjust overall gain level on each channel.

For the little brother of the DCD, have a look at our SMK (So Many Knobs! Distortion), same circuit in a mono-channel enclosure : TMK

2021-03-15 Update : We are now offering our laser Etched edition, same sound as the coloured version, in a black laser etched enclosure. 

Power Consumption : 28mA

Voltage : 9-18Vdc Center negative