Feed the Boc Mate - Feedbacker
Feed the Boc Mate - Feedbacker

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Feed the Boc Mate - Feedbacker

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Feed the Boc Mate - Feedbacker

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Based on the 80's Boss DF-2 Super Feedbacker, our Feed the Boc Mate includes both Super Distortion and feedbacker circuit.

Left footswitch engage a crushing DS-1 styled distortion controlled by the the 3 Lvl-Tone-Disto knobs. 

Right footswitch, when held, will start a monophonic feedback on the note you were playing. Frequency response of the feedback is controlled by the overtone knobs, going from dark to bright clean ear-bleeding tone.

Now included is a footswitch button for the easier feedback kick. Some people complains about the overall volume of the unit, it's as per the 80's Boss unit, don't expect to get a lot of volume boost from the pedal. 

Power consumption : 30mA

Voltage : 9Vdc Center-Negative

Demo of the prototype :