Phoque Face Fuzz
Phoque Face Fuzz
Phoque Face Fuzz
Phoque Face Fuzz
Phoque Face Fuzz


Phoque Face Fuzz

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Pickup available at GUP Tech shop Usually ready in 24 hours

Phoque Face Fuzz


GUP Tech shop

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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Our Phoque Face Fuzz is the GUP Tech modern version of the SunFace/Fuzz Face. PNP Germanium, internal + External bias and clean blend. A pure classic fuzz tone.

Simple and gritty, exactly how we like them. Powered by standard 9V power.

Power consumption : 4mA

Voltage : 9Vdc center negative maximum. Anything higher will blow some stuff.

2021-03-07 update : We now offer the same circuit but with a Green Ringer added, look at our PhoqueR



Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Steeven P
GUPech rocks

. Great pedal, fast shipping, responsive and afordable.

The Phoque face is now my fav fuzz sounds great.

Graeme Desrosiers
Rich, Singing, Classic Fuzz Tone

This fuzz sounds great on its own, but it sounds absolutely killer going into my wah, unvibe, or bluesbreaker-style od. I could play it all day long.

Phoquin’ incredicle

Can’t say enough good things about this pedal - rich warm glorious fuzz on tap. Sounds incredible and glowy through my tube amp. At the same time, it cleans up perfectly with the tweak of my guitar’s volume knob. Inspiring germanium sound and killer tone. Seriously, I’m in love.

Beyond the sound, the pedal’s design is sweet and super distinct, the custom colour was perfect, and Guillaume and Émilie at Guptech were incredibly kind, helpful, and quick.

If you’re thinking about picking up this pedal, do it. You’ll phoquin’ love it 😁

Lucien Picard
Awesome Fuzz

So far this fuzz has been great. Sounds great on my Telecaster, but I knew what to expect after hearing the video on the GupTech page.

Guitar aside, my main instrument is bass and this is why I bought it. So far its great. I was worried it would cut out too much bass but it's good. There is some cut, but not much. You can EQ it back in with a preamp if needed. The internal clean mini pot was set at Noon and I turned it down to about 10 o'clock and that was my sweet spot.

I`ve always loved the Big Muff tone on bass but always found it too much, I can never dial it back. This fuzz, although not a muff type fuzz, can sound very similar and you have the option to dial it back. It's great.

Sounds dope in between and Octave and Envelope filter.

Plus, I`m childish and saying Phoque Face just cheers me up!