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The Lab #42 is born from a "nice" mistake done with the laser etching machine. Tagging the left side with our Lab #44 OD instead of the Vibe Unit, the result is a Phaser-Preamp pedal. 

Pretty cool hey ?

Right side is our Phase 90 Tribute circuit. From low low oscillation to incredibly fast ringing wobble, this phaser is a classic ! 

Left side if our Orange Preamp, the VeJ6. Based around old school Orange amps, this JFET overdrive/distortion keeps all the characteristics of an old tube amp.

You can even pick a special edition with an "Order" footswitch to put the Phaser after the Preamp, going from EVH to pure hi-fi Phaser tone in only one click !

Power consumption : 5mA

Voltage : 9Vdc center negative

Left side demo :

Right side demo :