Lab #47 - Amp
Lab #47 - Amp
Lab #47 - Amp

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Lab #47 - Amp

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After almost 2 years of offering our rugged 2.5W Amp Box, here's the most powerful amp of the GUP Tech catalog (yet).

Rated at 30W, you can connect this little solid-state Class D Amp Box directly on your pedalboard with 9-24V DC power center-negative. Simple volume control, on-off toggle on top, Cabinet output on the left. It's not "very" powerful, enough to hurt your ears but not to play along with drummers. Even with a 30W consumption rating, the output power to a cab is enough to practice, record, but maybe not for gigs.

No power supply included, you can use anything from 9 to 24Vdc with center negative plug (standard Boss-MXR adapter).

Cabinet impedance : 4-16 ohms

Power consumption : 20mA at idle, peak at 1.5A@24Vdc and up to 3A@9Vdc. The input is protected in case of overheating and will cut momentary the power amp function.

Voltage : 9-24Vdc Center Negative. Better headroom at 24V, crunchier at 9V.