Mad Honker - GrindR->TS-808
Mad Honker - GrindR->TS-808
Mad Honker - GrindR->TS-808
Mad Honker - GrindR->TS-808

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Mad Honker - GrindR->TS-808

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Style:Black Parallel Mod
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Mad Honker - GrindR->TS-808

Black Parallel Mod

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 Fan of the original circuit of the TS-808, need a little more Grind ? Try this 2-in-1.

A GrindR pushing a TS-808 Hot Rod. Get the best of both pedals.

GrindR : Wanna boost ? 20db of clean boost, with a bypassable (left switch) preamp (bass and treble control). Switch between the original “Grind” or the “33” EQ.

"Honker" Hot Rod : Classic TS-808 clone with Volume, Gain and Tone control. Hot Rod mod including Fat selection (with left toggle) and clipping mode toggle (Diode, op amp, classic). JRC4558 chip, high quality alpha pots.

Power consumption : 28mA

Voltage : 9Vdc center négative only. Anything higher will blow some stuffs.

2020-06-02 UPDATE : We are now producing two versions, one with standard GrindR pushing the 808 and one with the parallel switch and Mix Knob, to run both circuits in parallel. Have a look at the demo below. The parallel mode is activated with the pedal center switch (Left is parallel, right is standard serial mode). The Mix knob allows you to blend between the left circuit and the right one, center is 50-50.


Customer Reviews

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josh fay
I love this overdrive pedal or should I says pedals!

This pedal does so much it’s crazy. It’s like having several of the best overdrives and having the ability to blend them all in one pedal. I’m super impressed with this pedal!!

Amazing Pedal

Blew my mind how good this pedal sounds. Seems very well made. Knobs turn smoothly and switches are nice and tight... like a tiger. And the thing sounds amazing. Will definitely be buying more from GUPtech!

Mad Honker

Really enjoying this pedal, never used any OD in front of my amp before and am still figuring a lot of it's options out but very pleased with the build quality and sound I'm getting out of it so far. Will definitely be making future orders with Guptech.

Jeremy Beavin
Great Screamer and boost in one!

Lets be honest, everyone needs a tubescreamer, but this is like having 6 versions in one, plus 3 different boosts! A huge range on mild to gritty overdrive, and 3 distinct different clean boosts to boot! You can't go wrong with this one! Sometimes you get a pedal with a lot of switches like this and it is hard to notice any change when you flip the toggle. Not the case here! So many different voices all in one, and for such a low price? How do they do it? Great stuff as always from the Guptech crew!