Magnet BFR Box
Magnet BFR Box

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Magnet BFR Box

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Color:MGNT Buffer

2022-11-22 : We are discontinuing our "single buffer" since we are now offering two of them in a similar footprint box, have a look an our Splitter Buffer

If you ask yourself if you need a buffer box, you probably don't... But if you think you're losing some treble in your tone due to long cable runs, you probably need one. This is our MGNT Buffer Box, a simple JFET 1:1 buffer to put in your signal chain.

Mini 1590LB Box 1.99" x 1.99" x 1.22".

Power Consumption : 3mA

Voltage : 9Vdc Center Negative

Headroom : 9.3dBu (2.26Vrms ou 6Vpp) @ 1kHZ