PPPC Custom colour - Regular palette (125B enclosure)


PPPC Custom colour - Regular palette (125B enclosure)

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Color:Matte Orange
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You don't like the colour selection with the pedal you want so much? We've got you covered! Check out the palette for our regular enclosures and just let us know which want you want. 

With that option, you can even add a little personalized text on the blank side of the pedal, such as your name, band name, surname or anything that can appropriately be displayed in a photo on our social media (no slurs or cuss words). Just contact us to make sure we can make it happen.

Very important note : This does not apply to double or triple pedals. We do not have that many options is enclosures that are either smaller or bigger than the regular single 125B enclosure. If you choose this option and it does not apply, you will be contacted and informed.

Not applicable on Lab Series or In-stock pedals.