Spooky Widow 8-Mode FX
Spooky Widow 8-Mode FX
Spooky Widow 8-Mode FX

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Spooky Widow 8-Mode FX

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Effects Mode:Modul-8 Spooky
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Spooky Widow 8-Mode FX

Modul-8 Spooky / Spooky

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6182 Boulevard Talbot
Saguenay QC G7N 1W1


Based on the FV-1 time effect chip, this 8-modes pedal combine the following FX :

    MODUL-8 :

    • Phaser 
    • Flanger 
    • Chorus 
    • Harmonic Tremolo 
    • Pulse Tremolo 
    • Ring Modulation 
    • Pitch Modulation 
    • Auto-Filter 

      Each preset is controlled with three parameters (three top knobs). Mix knob adjust how much dry signal is included and Volume knob control the total output (+6DB of boost max).