SUN2 (Dual SUN Noise Gate)
SUN2 (Dual SUN Noise Gate)
SUN2 (Dual SUN Noise Gate)
SUN2 (Dual SUN Noise Gate)
SUN2 (Dual SUN Noise Gate)
SUN2 (Dual SUN Noise Gate)


SUN2 (Dual SUN Noise Gate)

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SUN2 (Dual SUN Noise Gate)


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You probably already know our SUN, the 4-wire noise gate. This SUN2 is a dual noise gate. You can use the two gates on stand-alone setup or linked them together for the summum of noise annihilation. Connect one in your preamp and one in your FX loop to get the most of it. 

We've incorporated a "link switch" to use the first gate as a key control for the second one. Right position link the right input to the left gate and left position isolate the second gate.

Each gate got a Low/High level switch. 

Power consumption : 81mA

Voltage : 9Vdc center negative only

This pedal, must-have for some, no-need-at-all for other, may have only one know, but is not an easy one to get by. This article goes in details to explain you the what, why, how of it and it will definitely help you understand and decide if you need it, and if so, how you should and could use it. It's even a troubleshooting guide for your pedalboard, for all that matter!


Cette pédale, un essentiel pour certain, et un "pas besoin" pour d'autre, n'a peut-être qu'un seul bouton, mais elle n'est pas simple d'utilisation pour autant! Cet article vous permettra de comprendre le quoi, le pourquoi et le comment de la patente, et de voir si vous en avez besoin et si oui, comment l'utiliser. Vous pourrez même vous en servir comme guide diagnostic pour votre arrangement.