Taxi Cab (Cab Sim)
Taxi Cab (Cab Sim)
Taxi Cab (Cab Sim)
Taxi Cab (Cab Sim)
Taxi Cab (Cab Sim)

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Taxi Cab (Cab Sim)

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Taxi Cab (Cab Sim)


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This pedal will bring any pedalboard tone to a complete "Micked Cab Tone". Just plug the output into any Computer Sound card and record your pedalboard straight ahead.

Top knob goes from Dark to Hi-fi level of Treble. Cab Size goes from 1x10 boxy tone, to 8x10 bass amp cab. Resonance control the cab style, from small open-back to big closed back cab. Gain control the general output level of the pedal. Mid response scoop (at 0) or flat (at 10). 

Disclaimer : This is NOT an attenuator, its use is to simulate a cab on a Line/Instrument Level only. You cannot plug this pedal between your amp and speaker.

Power Consumption : 13mA

Voltage : 9Vdc Center Negative

Demo of the Prototype :