Tone Plier (Tone Bender MKII Tribute)
Tone Plier (Tone Bender MKII Tribute)

GUP Tech

Tone Plier (Tone Bender MKII Tribute)

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The GUP Tech Tone Plier is based on the old Tonebender MK1.5 and MKII. 

Real Germanium matched transistors set. Easy setup with volume and attack knobs. This is one of our pretty violent fuzz, the MK1.5 mode is quite cool, more control and precision than the fuzzy MK2.

2021-01-27 UPDATE : We now offer our Tone Plier with a toggle to switch from the MK1.5 (only 2 Ge transistors) to the MKII (3 Ge transistors). You now get both circuits in the same pedal.

Power consumption : 2mA

Voltage : 9Vdc Center Negative only. 

Demo of the MKII (old) edition :