VeJ6 - Douche Edition
VeJ6 - Douche Edition
VeJ6 - Douche Edition


VeJ6 - Douche Edition

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VeJ6 - Douche Edition


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Douche edition specifications :

- Gorva Design sparkle enclosures

- Gorva Design soft clicking footswitch

- Limited overpriced edition

VeJ6 description :

Here's another preamp of the GUP Tech VeJ series. The VeJ6 is a triple JFET preamp, voiced to sound like an old Orange Amp. Not a lot of gain, but quite enough to have that old British vibe. 

Bass and Treble are precisely placed in the circuit and act like boost for those two frequencies. Internal Presence trim pot to adjust the overall high-end response of the pedal.

This pedal can compete in the style of the JHS Superbolt and EQD Monarch.

Power consumption : 4mA

Voltage : 9Vdc center negative