Voodoo Doll Vibe Douche
Voodoo Doll Vibe Douche


Voodoo Doll Vibe Douche

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Here's our VD Vibe unit. This little voodoo doll is a real analog photocell Vibe Machine. With complete control over Depth, Speed, level and also tone.

Design note : Our VD Vibe is named with the initials of one of our dear friend and also long time GUP Tech follower Vincent Desautels. Vincent is a local radio host and is the voice of our region for such a long time. Follow him here on his socials : Instagram. Also, the Voodoo can be late related to Hendrix ;)  

Power consumption : Around 100mA (Did we say that it's fully analog Photocell/light ?)

Voltage : 9Vdc center negative only. Anything higher will blow some stuffs.