Widow Douche Edition
Widow Douche Edition
Widow Douche Edition

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Widow Douche Edition

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This is the Douche edition of our Widow ! 

Based on the FV-1 time effect chip, this 8-mode pedal can combine whatever you want, reverb, phaser, chorus, etc.

MODUL-Eight :

  • Phaser 
  • Flanger 
  • Chorus 
  • Harmonic Tremolo 
  • Pulse Tremolo 
  • Ring Modulation 
  • Pitch Modulation 
  • Auto-Filter 

Each preset is controlled with three parameters (three top knobs). Mix knob adjust how much dry signal is included and Volume knob control the total output (+6DB of boost max). 

Power consumption : 65mA

Voltage : 9 Vdc Center negative

Headroom : 3.28dBu (3.2Vpp) at 1kHZ