WNR - Douche Edition
WNR - Douche Edition

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WNR - Douche Edition

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2022-10-29 : Here's the Golden WNR, douche edition, sparkling look, same chorus-able features.

The "WNR" is a Chorus-Delay effect for guitar and bass.

Chorus is controlled via the "rate", "int", "shape" and "Overlap" knobs. 

Slapback delay is controlled with the "delay" and "depth" knobs.

Overall results is a versatile classic chorus that can go to completely crazy ambient "bottom of the sea" effects. Start with everything at zero except Depth and Intensity and then go with the flow!

Power consumption : 32mA

Voltage : 9Vdc Center negative only.

Headroom : 4.31dBu (3.6Vpp) @ 1kHZ