Come for the look, stay for the tone!

Come for the look, stay for the tone!

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How are you, people, in this end of year? How has it been for you lately? For us, it's been great. We have a new guitar, called Jimmy, and I am getting a bit jealous of it because Guillaume spends a lot more time with it than with me. But I also spend more time with my African violets than with him... so I guess this is fair.

Anyway, this is not at all what I wanted to talk about today. Since we have been sharing stuff together a while now, I have a secret I need to tell someone... you. Prof. Pinotte SOCKS!

Pun intended. I know, this is childish but that's exactly what I am, a near 40 child, most of the time. That's right! For this first edition of socks, and we hope to have some more to come, we went safe and more classic. Grey, black and acid green. 

We have them in size LARGE for men. We got a few pairs of small too but really, not many! You can add them to your pedal order with no extra shipping fees or you can buy them on the side, in my shop Emia's Chaos and shipping (you can have more than one pair) is 10 $ Canadian in the US, 12 $ Canadian International and 3,50 $ in Canada. Why so expensive? Ask Canada Post, I have no clue, but we have to pay it. You can also grab some picks while you are there!

Go, be a Prof. Pinotte enthusiast, be awesome!

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