Would you like to clean the ocean?

Would you like to clean the ocean?

Would you like to help your creativity while removing 5 pounds of trash from the ocean?

Hello guys, it may seems a bit contradictory to you, but here at GUP Tech, we are trying to do our thing in the best eco friendly manner that we can. Every iteration of ourselves is better than the previous one, and even if retail means consommation, means trash, we try to compensate in different ways, either by reusing lots of packaging our parts come in, supporting the wildlife (like we did with our MajesTim) or like this time, with our I Sea Q pedal, to help remove trash from the sea.

If you haven’t heard of the initiative, let’s just talk about it a little. Let’s start off by introducing my oldest son, Marcus Marier, who is, like his generation, a fan of youtubers… Even if said youtubers seem to have no purpose. Anyway, he showed me one Mark Rober video that just made me love the guy because he is funny, smart, and well connected. The first squirrel parkour was awesome.

Later on, Marcus discovered that Mark Rober had done things with Mr. Beast… a YouTuber he likes for reasons I don't understand. They did TeamTrees together a few years back. The new thing is Team Sea. The goal is to raise money to remove trash from the sea. One US dollar removes one pound of trash. You can learn more here : TeamSeas

Because I am very ecoanxious (Hi, it’s Emilie here), and that I need to find ways to help, and I won’t travel there and remove it myself, we thought of making one pedal to raise some trash-removal fund. Each unit sold will give 5 US dollars to Team Sea. 

To end this post, I highly encourage you to checkout Mark Rober’s Youtube channel because between the more “entertaining” stuff, there are some great videos about meat, water filtering, space, and some engineering creations that are really worth looking.

Thanks for reading and we will let you know how much we raised!


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