This is November y'all, let's glitter it up!

This is November y'all, let's glitter it up!

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Another month, another deal, they say. Right? Someone has said that, I am sure. Anyway, the end of October does not only mean that you can start singing your Christmas annoying song repertoire, it also means that you need color in your life, especially if you leave in the northern part of the globe and all the leaves have left the trees, it’s all brown, wet, cold, and depressing. 

So color, right? And why only color when you can have glitter too. Don’t you think shiny glittery things are DISTINGUISHED? I personally do. Shiny stuff is not only this OVERPRICED thing that attracts birds, it’s also a way to reflect light, to shine, to be UNIQUE. I am getting very poetic now, and nobody wants that. Or do we?

Autumn for me, of fall, I don’t really know if they have a different meaning or if it’s just a geographic thing like apartment and flat… So yeah, autumn for me is the season of surrounding myself with things that warm my soul. It may be funny, it may be cute, it can be CLASSY, it just depends on my needs at any given time.

Ah, and I cannot talk about November without mentioning hot beverages. You don’t need a HAUT-DE-GAMME espresso machine (like mine) to enjoy these (but it helps), but these mugs of heart-warming goods are instant mood lifters.

I got lost again and finally, all I wanted to tell you was that we have prepared a new pedal EDITION for you guys. Yeah. November won’t be a deal per se, it’s going to be a month of heart warming pedals for yourself and your pedalboards.

We are releasing for you the Douche* pedal series. Yup. If the word itself offends you, just consider its French meaning, which is as boring as “shower”. You just pronounce it with putting emphasis on the “ou” sound. 

Distinguished : it looks rad.

Overpriced : More expensive than the regular version

Unique : Limited quantities

Classy : Looks Chic (I hesitated between those two)

Haut-de-gamme - High end, footswitch and enclosures are just… more.

Edition : Yup.

Our Douche series is made of more expensive parts, it’s shiny, and unique. We will have super limited quantities, as low as one (that’s quite limited), and it’s going to be way more pricey than the other of the same models. So it’s not really a deal, it’s quite the opposite in fact. Don’t even expect a deal on them for Black Friday, their price won’t go lower. That’s how bad we are. And of course, they will be listed  S-L-O-W-L-Y. One per week.

So yeah, I should have started with this sentence : Another month, yet no deal. What? But you would have stopped reading. 

We will have a sale for Black Friday, but it’s not going to apply to the Douche series, so if you fall in love, you should not wait and just make your move. 

Also, we may have something quite cool coming in mid-November. It may even be something as cool as ornaments. You may want to stay tuned. 

That was long. And I am so not sorry for that. And if you watch my videos, you shall know how much I can extract unnecessary words of my brain.

If you have made it to the end, you can hit the reply button and tell me how you are doing. How does autumn make you feel? Do you have such a drastic season change where you live?

Thanks for being there.

Emilie (and Guillaume)

And Prof Pinotte.

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