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Don't be fooled by the "funny" look, our DOF is truely a nice swiss-knife to have on your board. Based on the weird round-silver Expandora pedal, we are releasing our tribute to this great pedal in a more "GUP Tech" friendly package.

This pedal will go from boost to crazy-Fuzz (Forbidden mode).

Both toggle down, you get a nice Boost with almost no clipping. First toggle up is light overdrive mode. Only the second toggle up is more gain. Both toggles up will bring you in the "forbidden" mode, a Fuzzy-ish wild Cherub Rock kind of fuzz.

If I would have to bring only one pedal to do everything, it would be this one...

Power consumption : 6 mA

Voltage : 9 Vdc Center-Negative

Customer Reviews

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Trevor Charles
The Ultimate Dirt Pedal!

If you only had space for one dirt pedal on your board, this would be it! Light OD - check
Rat like distortion- check
Fuzz that cleans up - check
Fuzz that slightly gates - check
Fuzz that give that upper octave on the higher frets - check
Bluesy goodness - check
Classic rock- check
Doom riffs - check

This thing does it all! Loving it!