Double PdeQ GH Tribute edition - Presence Depth Quebec EQ
Double PdeQ GH Tribute edition - Presence Depth Quebec EQ
Double PdeQ GH Tribute edition - Presence Depth Quebec EQ


Double PdeQ GH Tribute edition - Presence Depth Quebec EQ

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Double PdeQ GH Tribute edition - Presence Depth Quebec EQ

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2023-12-23 : Super double pedal in limited colour scheme as a tribute of one of the most notable player who is using the PdeQ, here's the Double PdeQ Gary Holt Tribute edition! Special matte White box with red graphics. Did I say super limited?

The "Province DE Quebec" is a new EQ from GUP Tech. But it's not just another EQ, here's a pedal to emulate the effect of the Presence and Resonance/Depth tone on your amp. This double pedal includes two completely standalone PdeQ circuits (They are not internally linked, except for the power who's shared). In out on each side.

It's a game changer if your amp doesn't come with a Presence/Resonance(depth) knobs and you play chugging metal tones. This, at the end of your loop, just before the return, will give the extra OOOMMMPHHH and push to get out in the mix and hear yourself better.

There's other options out there, but the Amptweaker DepthFinder is pretty hard to find (here in Canada).

Simple Presence (with on-off toggle) and Depth (with on-off toggle) controls. With both toggles Off, the pedal will act like a buffer. This pedal can compete in the Amptweaker Depth Finder range.

If you'd like a more sparkling enclosure, have a look at the PdeQ Douche Edition

Power consumption : 40mA

Voltage : 9Vdc center negative


Customer Reviews

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Gary Podgornik
Impressive, most impressive

This is a must have in any guitar player’s arsenal. I have a new Blackstar HT Stage 100 MKIII and this indeed has presence and resonance but, to me, they are very weak. I’m running one of the PdeQ GH out to the send/ return in the Blackstar and let’s just say that really spiced things up. I’m seriously considering, as I’m writing this, purchasing a new Engl Inferno Marty Friedman signature amp, which does not have presence or resonance. The other out of the PdeQ GH naturally will go into that. I really do love GUPtech and all the pedals I have purchased the last year or two. You guys simply rock. Your dedication to your craft really shows in all your products.

James Hakim

The GupTech double PdeQ is a gamechanger for my rig and will always be on from now on. I was already happy with my tone and thought I would only use the pedal occasionally for certain amps that lack a depth knob but the pedal absolutely brings my tone to life. Couldn’t recommend this pedal more. The quality is superb and is completely transparent when bypassed.