Lab #51 - Parametric EQ
Lab #51 - Parametric EQ

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Lab #51 - Parametric EQ

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Lab #51 - Parametric EQ

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2022-02-22 update : The Lab series offering is officially over. Have a look at our pPTSD Parametric EQ, the production model of this pedal.

The Lab Series #51 from GUP Tech is a brand new parametric EQ, coupled with a boost unit designed to make any amp roar. 

Parametric EQ have those precise shaping tools allowing you to change the curves (Q) of the EQ and also where exactly (frequencies) you're cutting/Boosting. Ours got 3-band,  Low (33-330Hz), mid (220-2.2kHZ) and High (1.1k-11kHZ). Coupled to that is a boost unit, allowing you to bring a lot of volume, even with extreme frequency chopping.

So start with everything at noon, plug that unit into your FX Loop, and see where you can go. The classic V shape is also a good start, boosting the low and high, and cutting a little bit of the mids. You can also only use the pedal as a volume boost for your solos. 

Power consumption : 48mA

Voltage : 9Vdc center negative only. Anything higher will fry the pedal.