Poulp - Douche
Poulp - Douche

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Poulp - Douche

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2022-12-17 : Douche edition Alert! 

Based on the classic Green Ringer, this small (1590A enclosure) pedal will give any clean, distortion or fuzz a very nice Octave up tone.

No control, only an on-off switch.

If you select random color, we will ship anything in stock. If there's no stock, the building time is the same as for or other preorders.

If you want the momentary option, have a look at the bigger brother of the Poulp, the BROctopus. The BROctopus comes with the PPRSS switching system allowing momentary operation.

And if you'd also like a Fuzz in the same box, maybe our PhoqueR is a better option, including a Germanium Fuzz Face and a Green Ringer in the same box.

Power consumption : 2mA

Voltage : 9Vdc Center Negative only