PdeQ - Presence Depth EQ
PdeQ - Presence Depth EQ
PdeQ - Presence Depth EQ


PdeQ - Presence Depth EQ

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PdeQ - Presence Depth EQ

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The "Province DE Quebec" is a new EQ from GUP Tech. But it's not just another EQ, here's a pedal to emulate the effect of the Presence and Resonance/Depth tone on your amp.

It's a game changer if your amp doesn't come with a Presence/Resonance(depth) knobs and you play chugging metal tones. This, at the end of your loop, just before the return, will give the extra OOOMMMPHHH and push to get out in the mix and hear yourself better.

There's other options out there, but the Amptweaker DepthFinder is pretty hard to find (here in Canada).

Simple Presence (with on-off toggle) and Depth (with on-off toggle) controls. With both toggles Off, the pedal will act like a buffer. This pedal can compete in the Amptweaker Depth Finder range.

If you'd like a more sparkling enclosure, have a look at the PdeQ Douche Edition

Power consumption : 20mA

Voltage : 9Vdc center negative

Design note : Il faut assurément adresser le fait que cette pédale arbore les couleurs des plaques d'immatriculation du Québec, ainsi que la fleur de lys sur le logo. D'un bleu pétant, en contraste avec le blanc, le rappel au drapeau du Québec est également très remarquable.

For our English friends, we need to explain that this pedal is a proud banner of the Quebec (Canada province) flag and license plates. The PdeQ is our hommage to our hometown province, just like the Ottawa-Wah is an hommage to our country.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Charles Silcox
A Must Have for Solid State!7

In using this in a hartke gt100 guitar amp. Its a hybrid. Tubed pre and SS power.
This took away the " Blanket over the amp" sound.

Devin Williams
Awesome pedal

Absolutely love the pedal. Great tone shaping tool.

Aaron O.
Must have for every Orange Amp

I really love my Rockerverb mk3 but he just needed a tighter low end and some sparkling hights. The PdeQ is the perfect match! Now the Amp sounds sooooo much better and thightet. Just set and forget! Its an always in Pedal now. Very simple to use and very effective. Long way from canada to germany but I got some hand written "thank you" Note :) Love you and your Pedals!

Rafael Encarnacion
Does exactly what it was supposed to do.

Great solution for adding bass to the Marshall SC20C at bedroom volumes.

Ben Taylor
Add an extra dimension to your amp

Great for amps that lack a depth and presence option.