February 2022, what's going on?

February 2022, what's going on?

Hello weirdos, Guillaume here. Thanks for reading/scrolling/buying/selling/playing/rocking, again, we can't thank you enough for being part of the adventure :D 

So what's going on at GUP Tech? 

Since last post, we have a lot of stuff going on. January was the month of a couple new designs. We came up with a proper isolated/GND Lift/Phase inverter ABY box, the ABYss. Regular sized pedal, 9V powered, it's a pretty cool Swiss knife thing to have on your board.

During the same week, Emilie completed the design of our Auto-Wah/Enveloppe filter. The Ottawa-Wah was born from there, pun intended. To all our Canadian friends, it's a true patriotic Canadian looking pedal. 

At the end of the month, another pun based pedal was born, our little Presence-Depth-EQ. The PdeQ (Province de Québec) Depth-Presence EQ will add a kick to your tube amp, simulating the frequencies kicked by those real knobs on some amp. The Quebec license plate is not for everybody but here's a secret... we don't really care ;) 

To all our bassist friends, the Bass Fire Fuzz is a new pedal to complete their board. Since a long time, we've been asked to build more bass-oriented stuff, and this one was a pretty cool one. Versatility to its best. Dual fuzz unit, clean blend, massive volume boost if you want,

Early February was the first time we build something around a fan based contest. We asked everybody to submit a design idea for our ODR-1 tribute and the chosen design was the Nashville Nood Tube. We gave away a couple of cool gifts + Pedals. It was really a very nice experience. I hope the Nood Tube Honker is here to stay :D

Another "one-shot" in February was the Echoplex Footswitch. We did that for a friend (#MathieuPlem) and it's working fine! It's now available in the shop in case you need a replacement for your Echoplex unit.

During that time, we released two more mysterious design preorder with our Parameter EQ (Lab #51) and our Rockerverb Preamp (VeJ7). Those are still available while writing those lines and will be discounted till the official release mid-march.

The struggles for GUP Tech right now are mostly around parts procurement, we have a lot of stuff not available anymore, so we play around with Knobs, boxes, Footswitches and do our best to not compromise quality and delay. Overall, we are quite lucky since we're able to get parts from a lot of supplier and it haven't stopped us for now... I hope it stay like that!

New Gear at GUP Tech : Not too much, I've got a Chris Shiflett Telecaster in a trade, it's a very nice guitar. Other than the poly finish (I'm not a fan), this guitar is truly awesome. Ampwise, I got a Victory Countess preamp that is for sale right now, wink wink. I also got a CE2 (Green label) for the first time ever, pretty awesome pedal. All those were traded for GUP Tech stuff, so don't hesitate, if you have things that are not used anymore, text us and we'll see if we can use them.





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